Design Services


Alycia Tysinger Designs will work with you on a wide variety of interior decorating and design tasks for your home, vacation home or office.


  • Furnishings, flooring selections, lighting selections, paint selections, window treatments, aesthetic finishes and home accessories

  • Collaboration with architect or builder to implement the project

  • Assistance with purchasing art, antiques, oriental rugs

  • Space planning and research

  • Hourly consultation



Keep Your Antiques


blend the old with the new

Do you have pieces you love living with, but think the overall space could use an update? Together you and Alycia can create new, warm, inviting and beautiful rooms in your home. She understands that families have treasures, and her expert eye will keep them front and center while weaving in some fresh colors, furniture or spatial arrangements.



Space Planning

Copy of Enjoy Family

utilize your spaces well

Furniture, art, tables…where will it all fit? Alycia’s client fans rave about her design discernment and the totality of her project visions for homes and individual rooms.

Attention To Detail

Alycia Tysinger is a talented designer with attention to detail, the ability to understand her client and bring into their home things they love, and the knowledge to make any room what they envisioned…only better.”